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Dealing with a DMG file on Linux

I received a .dmg file from a Mac user today claiming it was a video file. It took a long while to figure out how to examine this file, so here are my notes so I don’t ever have to do it again. Step 1: Uncompress the file My first step was to use 7z… Read More »

Multi-user audio with Pulseaudio

I’ve been trying to solve this problem for a long while and never figured it out — even after reading lots of posts with the correct solution. Now that I’ve finally figured it out, I’m writing it down here so I can find the solution later. (And maybe it’ll help someone else…) Using audio on… Read More »

Getting rid of Bank of America

I’ve been a Bank of America customer for 12 years or so, ever since I moved to Boston from New York. I picked them because they were everywhere, and I didn’t ever want to switch banks again. When the big “Bank Transfer Day” came, I decided to switch banks too. I was annoyed about the… Read More »


Sometimes it’s easy to see why almost no one uses Linux on the Desktop. I just got a Spotify invite, so I decided to try it out. Step one is registering at No trouble! But then… how do I use it? Ah! The download link! Sweet! A Linux preview! It’s available for Ubuntu and… Read More »

My email service (Dreamhost) sucks. Help!

A few years ago, I stopped running my email and web server out of my house.  I was tired of paying for the electricity and the static IP address.  I wanted to switch to FiOS which doesn’t allow me to host off of port 80.  I was sick of keeping my desktop computer ON ALL… Read More »

I just stole $5 from Amazon

Amazon claims “We’re Building Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company” and they deliver.  Every time I have had a problem, they jump through hoops to resolve it immediately. Unfortunately,  I am unable to make myself understood by the Amazon tech support team, which leads to lots of problems. This weekend I purchased about $6 worth of music… Read More »

New Phone

I have a new T-Mobile G1 running Android from Google.  It’s an awesome upgrade from the Sidekick II I had been using.  Although it still feels very “rough” around the edges, I can see a lot of reasons why it’s exciting. The architecture is pretty cool — applications are a bundle of entry points called… Read More »

Verizon Customer Service is a little off too

So in the long trip to get a working TiVo with FiOS service, I’ve hit another snag.  Verizon insists on sending someone to my house to install the cable cards.  Why, I ask?  Because they are fragile.  (It costs $100 to replace them if they break.)  Yikes. So after UPS (and I hate UPS) screwed… Read More »