“No Titles Found” or they really claim the PS3 does everything?

By | May 16, 2011

I’ve been trying to rescue my CD collection for some time. While I like to listen to music, I never listen to my CDs except for the few I bring with me in the car. It’s just too annoying to shuffle music 10 songs at a time and keep track of the disks and their cases.

I just bought a home NAS, the Western Digital MyBook Live.  I ripped all my CDs and loaded the songs onto it.  Then I tried to get the PS3 to play the songs.  Nothing.  They weren’t there.  Or, if they were, the album art didn’t show up.

I just read on a support forum for the drive the answer: On the PS3:
Go to : Settings -> Network Settings -> Media Server Connection.
Set it to Disable.
Set it to Enable.

Perfect. Sorry for the boring post, but this has been driving me crazy. I’ve been reading hex dumps of MP3 files trying to decode the problem.

2 thoughts on ““No Titles Found” or they really claim the PS3 does everything?

  1. Marvin

    For what it’s worth. My WD had twonky on it and never had problems playing mp3 or other media from it with a ps3. In fact the ps3 dlna/upnp client has worked with just about any server software where many others clients have failed. Guess developers are checking for compatibility for it.

  2. Ps3 Twonky newb

    Have you tried rescanning the media on the WD My Book Live? I often need to rescan or rebuild the Twonky database after uploading new files…this is done through the WD control panel ( I access it through Bonjour on my laptop)…this option is under the settings/media/twonky tab if I recall correctly…

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