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Networking and GNOME Boxes

Note: This article applies to GNOME 3.10 in Fedora 20. You no longer need these steps in GNOME 3.14 in Fedora 21. I’m setting up an Alfresco server and I need to test some of the tweaks and configuration I’m working with. Alfresco is big; lots of components including Java, an application server, usually a… Read More »

Reading private Google Calendars in Evolution

Do not try this. It’s not a good idea. I don’t endorse it. That said, I have a Google Calendar that I want to view in Evolution (if just for the nice reminders) but I don’t want to make public, and I can’t use the private URL. I need Evolution to authenticate to Google, and… Read More »

Conversation Threads in Evolution

I really enjoy the way Google’s Gmail displays related messages (or threads) as conversations. David Morrison has been working on a plugin for Evolution which tries to replicate this behavior. The last news items was on August of 2005 asking if he was done. I think it still needs a little bit more work, so… Read More »

A Big GNOME Announcement?

So I guess there is a big GNOME announcement today at noon Eastern Time today. On IRC, people were trying to guess what it could be. Here are some of the ideas, which are all very funny: the board decided to release gnome 2.20 as gnome 3.0 we are migration gnome desktop to web 2.0… Read More »

Hello Planet!

So I’ve recently been added to the Planet blog aggregator.  Yay!  This blog is still pretty young, but you can read about a proposal I made to change the Evolution composer.

Fixing the Evolution Composer

Back when I worked for Ximian a common complaint we heard was that Evolution wasn’t good for sending formatted text because it always word wrapped it causing lots of errors.  This was pretty frustrating because it wasn’t true, but since we heard it all the time, it was obviously too confusing.  Here’s the dialog.  Can… Read More »