Networking and GNOME Boxes

Note: This article applies to GNOME 3.10 in Fedora 20. You no longer need these steps in GNOME 3.14 in Fedora 21. I’m setting up an Alfresco server and I need to test some of the tweaks and configuration I’m working with. Alfresco is big; lots of components including Java, an application server, usually a… Read More »

Linux Tip: Making pulseaudio work with multiple users (on Fedora)

Just a quick tip for people who use multiple user accounts at once on Fedora. (I test software using brand new user accounts sometimes, for example. I’ve heard of others may use multiple user accounts to try and sandbox applications they expect to misbehave. [I recommend a VM for this, FWIW.]) If you’ve ever switched… Read More »

Getting rid of Bank of America

I’ve been a Bank of America customer for 12 years or so, ever since I moved to Boston from New York. I picked them because they were everywhere, and I didn’t ever want to switch banks again. When the big “Bank Transfer Day” came, I decided to switch banks too. I was annoyed about the… Read More »


Sometimes it’s easy to see why almost no one uses Linux on the Desktop. I just got a Spotify invite, so I decided to try it out. Step one is registering at No trouble! But then… how do I use it? Ah! The download link! Sweet! A Linux preview! It’s available for Ubuntu and… Read More »

My email service (Dreamhost) sucks. Help!

A few years ago, I stopped running my email and web server out of my house.  I was tired of paying for the electricity and the static IP address.  I wanted to switch to FiOS which doesn’t allow me to host off of port 80.  I was sick of keeping my desktop computer ON ALL… Read More »

Mediawiki Acronyms

I was working on a project that used a lot acronyms and terminology that I didn’t know yet. It was making me crazy, so eventually I created a Terminology extension for media wiki. You can see a demo of it on CyanogenMod’s Wiki. And see the Terminology source page. (and contribute to it!) Anyway, hope… Read More »

Twisty 3: Simple and lightweight Disclosure Triangles for the web

Twisties, otherwise known as “Disclosure Triangles” are little triangles (►) that twist (▼) when clicked to hide or show content on the page. I’m working on a web page that has a lot of content, but didn’t want it all displayed all the time. I searched around for a little while trying to find a… Read More »

Managing Certificate Authorities in Adobe Flash on Fedora/RHEL

or: making your file uploads work over HTTPS when you are using a self-signed certificate or an authority Flash decides it doesn’t like. Flash is a popular way to upload files to web sites. This is because you can have multiple files upload at once, give pretty progress bars, and can control the file upload… Read More »

I just stole $5 from Amazon

Amazon claims “We’re Building Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company” and they deliver.  Every time I have had a problem, they jump through hoops to resolve it immediately. Unfortunately,  I am unable to make myself understood by the Amazon tech support team, which leads to lots of problems. This weekend I purchased about $6 worth of music… Read More »