New Phone

I have a new T-Mobile G1 running Android from Google.  It’s an awesome upgrade from the Sidekick II I had been using.  Although it still feels very “rough” around the edges, I can see a lot of reasons why it’s exciting. The architecture is pretty cool — applications are a bundle of entry points called… Read More »


Every once in a while you look around and realize that you’re falling behind on life when you weren’t looking.  Maybe your universal all in one remote doesn’t work anymore.  Maybe you broke the counter-weight off one of the windows in your house and it slammed into your hand.  Or maybe the hinge on your… Read More »

Verizon Customer Service is a little off too

So in the long trip to get a working TiVo with FiOS service, I’ve hit another snag.  Verizon insists on sending someone to my house to install the cable cards.  Why, I ask?  Because they are fragile.  (It costs $100 to replace them if they break.)  Yikes. So after UPS (and I hate UPS) screwed… Read More »

I ☹ (hate) you, UPS

I ordered a TiVO on Tuesday night from Amazon with 2 day shipping.  It was too late in the day, so it counted as being ordered on Wednesday.  Estimated delivery?  Friday.  So, I called up Verizon to order cable cards for it.  They quickly scheduled a technician to come out (?!) and deliver them and… Read More »

Car Fire

So I haven’t blogged in a while.  Not for lack of subjects.  My TiVo died.  We got a great new camera.  I flew to Ohio for $10 each way.  I ran over my cell phone, but it still works except for the screen.  I helped release some pretty interesting software.  I’m looking at the Zimbra… Read More »

Reading private Google Calendars in Evolution

Do not try this. It’s not a good idea. I don’t endorse it. That said, I have a Google Calendar that I want to view in Evolution (if just for the nice reminders) but I don’t want to make public, and I can’t use the private URL. I need Evolution to authenticate to Google, and… Read More »

Conversation Threads in Evolution

I really enjoy the way Google’s Gmail displays related messages (or threads) as conversations. David Morrison has been working on a plugin for Evolution which tries to replicate this behavior. The last news items was on August of 2005 asking if he was done. I think it still needs a little bit more work, so… Read More »